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Here’s to the founders, here’s to the dreamers

Updated: Jan 31

If you’ve come across the Madame Papillon association in the past year or so, you might know about the free walks and talks that we run once a month for women in burnout to meet and exchange while getting a burst of nature - walking round the parks or through the forest of Brussels. You might have come to one of the wellbeing-focused workshops at the Maison des Femmes in Schaerbeek, given by one of the fourteen precious members of the association - professionals working in wellbeing and creativity who share the association’s mission to accompany and support women in burnout. You may even have seen something about the creative workshops we started last month with Les Ateliers Craffiti, an association in Etterbeek focused on providing creative activities to adults in Brussels, and a new partner to Madame Papillon - giving women access to artistic activities for an accessible price during the day.

What you are unlikely to have seen however, is this bunch of dedicated women founders and board members, working away behind the scenes on strategy, guided by a shared vision of solidarity and a world of balance without burnout. Our latest board meeting a couple of days ago saw the finalising of a subsidy request to support our members in their work; an exciting development in terms of partnerships in 2024 that we should be able to share in the coming weeks; updates on the healthy state of the finances, positive feedback on activities and helpful advances on our communications. We have had our fair share of struggles in developing this project, but we are so grateful for our successes and are boosted each time we meet to continue in our mission and develop our dear association.

Despite the seemingly never ending stressors and unreasonable societal expectations that contribute to so many exhausted and desperately unhappy women, these past months have shown us how powerful a community of supportive peers coming together in safe judgement-free places can be. The sharing of emotions and experiences can provide such comfort and strength to these incredible women on their journeys of self-reflection, personal development and reinvention.

We’ll be rounding off our year with a celebration next week organised by two of our members. If you are in burnout or would like to work with us to get beyond burnout together, we answer every message we receive!

Get in touch, and look after yourselves this festive season.


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