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Creative Needs

During my burnout recovery, I rediscovered how very important to me my creative side had been, and how it had all but left my life bit by bit, squashed out by responsibility and my shifted focus to others’ needs, pushing to the side my own.

Bit by bit, I brought back a bit of sketching here, a bit of singing there, and it went hand in hand with the personal exploration and development – noticing the perfectionist wince when a drawing wasn’t ‘good enough’ or I hit a wrong note in my choir but continuing anyway; being interrupted by thoughts about time wasting and not getting the things I needed to do done before reassuring myself about the possibility of spending time doing things that are not ‘productive’ in one sense but have a different kind of sense and purpose in them anyway.

Many of the women we have worked with in Madame Papillon have confirmed that learning new things and being open to reconnecting with parts of us that we may have buried has been a fundamental part of rebuilding lives after burnout, which is why our new partnership with creative association Les Ateliers Craffiti is such a joyous one. With this opportunity we are opening up more creative options for women in burnout to (re)discover their creative side and take another step towards their new lives.

The series of three initial workshops are scheduled for November and December, and we are kicking off with an introduction to gouache with Edith at 10am on Monday 13th November.

Registering is simple – just send us a message and we can add you to the list!


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