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Me Time

Having spoken to many women who have been through burnout, it is clear to me that when it comes to resting an exhausted mind and reconnecting with a body that may have long been ignored, there are a wealth of options of how to do so.

To begin with, sleeping at night and napping during the day may fill most of the time, but further along the road to recovery, it begins to feel possible to use the limited energy available for more than the very essentials, and this is where it can get complicated.

Do I need a support group? A walking group? Should I just go into the woods once in a while on my own? Would it help me to learn about mindfulness? Do I focus on my sleeping? My frazzled mind? My physical shape? A massage would be good, what about shiatsu? Reflexology?

Is my psychologist giving me what I need? Is a coach going to give me a different approach? How do I remember what I enjoy? Where did joy used to come from before?

How do I tap back into my creativity? Maybe writing would be a good start? Journaling? Creative journaling?

When it comes to the options, they can be overwhelming and just as we are all individuals, individual activities and therapies suit some people more than others. So, how to try some out without getting overwhelmed?

The members of the Madame Papillon association are professionals working in wellbeing and creativity. There are coaches, breathing and mindfulness experts, passionate women working with pottery and creative journaling, energy specialists, shiatsu and reflexology experts… in short, a diverse range of specialists proposing interesting and complementary practices to help you on your burnout journey.

The series of Me Time workshops, in French, at the Maison des Femmes will start again on Friday 8 September. Every two weeks you have the opportunity to discover a different approach to accompany you on your burnout recovery journey, all for a very reasonable price. Register now!

Me Time

Maison des Femmes – Schaerbeek

10.00 – 12.00 every other Friday

8 & 22 September; 6 & 20 October, 10 & 24 Novembre, 8 December.


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