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Nearly November

When a returning workshop participant shares that she sang in the car on the way to your workshop, or another admits that the workshops represent a secret place for her, a place just for her, you know you’re providing something that’s needed and valued.

In this turbulent time of violence on the world stage, echoed by violence in areas much closer to home here in Brussels, it is so meaningful to be able to continue holding this safe space for women in burnout to come together and find support from one another, and from the wellbeing and creative professionals who are members of Madame Papillon.

On Friday, Marylie took 9 participants through a programme of ‘psychomotricité’ a discipline that we tend to identify more with children than adults. It reminded participants of mindfulness, of biodanza, of theatre… They also had space to share their stories, acknowledge their similarities while respecting their unique situations.

The next “Me Time” workshop is on the 10th November, when Claire will bring her energy and energy treatments to the group. Participants will have the chance to try out Reiki and facial reflexology, two invaluable and complementary practices for grounding ourselves, energising ourselves and staying happy! You can sign up for the workshops at the Maison de Femmes directly with them.

In November we will also be launching a new partnership with Craffiti, an association that offers adults artistic workshops of all kinds. Participants will be able to explore their creative side with workshops introducing gouache and acrylic and closer to the end of the year, a chance to create a Christmas wreath. You can already register for these workshops by contacting Madame Papillon directly.


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