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What’s the opposite of isolation? Community!

For something that is so prevalent, the experience of being in burnout can be a very lonely one!

One element that comes up continuously is the isolation women in burnout can feel. After being the person who gets on and does it all, finding yourself unable to continue, and probably unable to explain why, is an isolating and uncomfortable experience.

Of all we have accomplished with Madame Papillon, the feedback that means the most is from women who say they finally met others who got it. Others who understood the loneliness, others who understood the loss of identity, others who had felt the instability and managed to hold on. These are the people who can go for a walk in the park together and share the little frustrations without judgement and these simple actions are what help to break through the isolation.

A year ago, in September 2022, we launched the monthly Walk and Talk meetups for women in burnout in the parks and forest around Brussels. This activity has since been complemented by women-led coffee chats; a private facebook group to share resources and activities, wellbeing-focused workshops and the countless calls and meetups between our community members in between.

Our workshops are continuing, with Monica’s tomorrow on self-confidence and Julie’s on using a creative journal for a well being check up coming up in two weeks. The next walk and talk is in two weeks and if you want a friendly chat about what you are going through at the moment, our co-founder coach Becca is available to answer your requests.

If you’d like to know more about how to join in with all the activities organised for women in burnout and help you out of your isolation and into a new community, follow us, sign up for the newsletter or come to our next event!


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